Sparking Your Love Revolution: Self-Study Course

twin flame relationship met your twin flame and your life got turned upside down. You didn’t know what the heck was happening, and so you did what most people do...freak out and try to figure out what is going on. You wonder how a connection that feels so intense can quickly go so wrong. You wonder what the heck was it all about. Was it real? Did they mean what they said? Are they just playing me?

If that sounds familiar, let me welcome you. Here, you are understood. Here, you have people who get it. Welcome to the Love Revolution.

This is a journey unlike any other and it is sure to shake you up, wake you up and has the potential to completely revolutionize your life. It also has the potential to rip your heart out and cause you a pain you can't describe.

You don't have to continue to suffer and be in pain on this journey.

When you meet someone in whose eyes you see the Divine and then it all falls apart, it’s easy to wonder what went wrong but the truth is that there is nothing wrong. It’s all part of the path and purpose because this isn’t all about coming together in’s much bigger than that!

Let me tell you about me. I heard the term "twin flame" a number of years ago and thought it was total bulls*it. I even wrote a blog debunking the whole idea of soul mates! The Universe got the last laugh because shortly after writing that, I met the person who I believe is my Twin Flame. When we met, both of our lives turned upside down, like Great Spirit had us by the ankles and was shaking out everything that wasn't meant to be there. It was a time of the deepest love AND some of the deepest healing I've ever experienced.

As a result of meeting this person, I learned a lot about myself, of life and of love.

  • It launched me on my life mission which is to be a spiritual healer & mentor (after nearly 20 years of being in some sort of spiritual leadership, you'd think I'd have gotten it sooner, right?!)
  • I launched my YouTube channel offering spiritual guidance and tarot readings which BLEW UP
  • More opportunities have effortlessly shown up in my life
  • Having an impulsive article I wrote on Twin Flames go viral (I did not see that coming!)
  • Long standing issues seemingly magically resolved
  • More abundance in ALL areas of my life

In fact, since meeting my twin, things have been so amazing that I've hardly noticed his absence because I'm too busy being grateful for the transformation he kicked off! (p.s. the whole notion of separation is a lie...more about that in the course!)

Sure, I went through the highs and lows as well...some of the most intense purging I've ever felt but I learned what I needed to learn so now I can help others learn what took me years, tons of reading, therapy and intense spiritual training to learn.

May my pain be an offering to divine service and may it pave the way for you.

If you've been trying to force a romantic relationship, you may be keeping yourself stuck in the endless loop of running and chasing. The truth is that these connections are not primarily romantic, even if it started out as a romance. When your love went all weird and wonky, and the two of you separated, it was for a purpose and this course will help you see the greater purpose and break through those barriers.

Let me tell you a secret: no amount of cajoling, begging, hoping, or waiting is going to bring your connection together. The only thing you need to do is locate what is coming up to be healed and integrated within yourself THROUGH this connection and to dedicate yourself to that. Only when you have integrated those lessons and mastered those paths, can you come into Union. This course will help you get there with the least amount of pain possible and without doing the endless circle of running, chasing, separating, and so on.

This is NOT your typical dating or relationship course. In fact, anything you do that is from this current paradigm is certain to backfire and make your journey that much harder. No tips or tricks or manipulations you might learn in typical relationship courses will help you get into Union.


When you understand the truth behind this connection (which is sure to knock your socks off) you will understand that the closeness and togetherness serve a purpose for your highest good. You will also begin to understand that there is no such thing as separation because if we're all One, we're always connected. Whew.

You'll begin to understand that you are a powerful, magical co-creator with the Divine and you can shift your outer experience by shifting your inner reality. You are THAT powerful!

This course is for you if you've:

*Met your Twin Flame & are currently in separation

*You want to learn how to move past the soul ache of being apart from your counterpart

*You want to stop obsessing or spiraling over this connection

*You're wondering how to release attachments and move forward in a healthy, whole way

This course is NOT for you if:

*All you care about is coming back together with your person

*You aren't willing to do the work of releasing ego attachments

*You believe that the only way you can have happiness and fulfillment is with your counterpart

*You believe the TF is primarily a romantic love connection

This course will walk you through the biggest challenges people experience and will teach you how to overcome those challenges, transform your life, step into your higher purpose and create the space for the Love Revolution you crave!

What you get:

  • 7 weeks of video trainings and workbooks (12 modules total with everything I've learned on this journey!)
  • Guided Meditations
  • Visualization

and these added Bonuses:

  • Expert Interviews (8 hours of additional trainings!)
  • Free copy of The Savvy Girl's Guide to Breakups

I will not promise that doing this course will magically bring you back together with your counterpart. What I will promise is that IF you do the work, you will discover that this journey is SO MUCH MORE than the romance. You will probably find yourself at the end not caring so much about whether you come back together because you get the bigger picture.

You will finally be free of the pain, obsession and longing that you've been cycling through. You will have a community that gets what this journey is all about and you'll have a new view of the world, your mission and a deeper, expansive view of love.



Hi Dr. V, I finished the self-study course this week and wanted to take a moment to thank you. The course provided me with a foundation that was missing in my self-work and I am grateful to you for this.. Also, thanks so much for giving me continuing access to the course, I’ll definitely be repeating it again.


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