Social Justice + Mental Health

Counseling for Liberation

This ground-breaking 8 week course will offer mental health professionals the necessary framework to approach counseling from a liberation framework rather than holding up the status quo and challenges the notion that clients should learn to "adapt" to maladaptive systems.

Many mental health professionals get one multicultural course (if even that) in their graduate training and that is, quite simply, not enough. This is why many clients who hold marginalized identities experience harm in therapy instead of getting help. It's time for that dynamic to change.

In this course, you will learn how to:

  • Integrate anti-oppressive practices into your counseling
  • How to advocate for your clients
  • How to move beyond multiculturalism
  • How to make difficult conversations about race easy
  • How to identify systems of oppression and how they impact your clients

This course is designed for anyone who cares about counseling for liberation and justice. If you want to help your clients find their power, and you want to challenge the systems that keep people down, this is for you.

WARNING: You and your practice will never be the same.



Thank you for your conceiving of and conducting the workshop and for your longstanding commitment to justice in our communities


Thank you, Dr. V., for a broadening and thought-provoking presentation and discussion

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