Refund and Cancellation policy

Refunds are only granted on a limited basis and must meet the following criteria:

1. You request a refund within 72 hours of purchase

2. The course has not started. Once the course has begun, refunds are not given.

Because these courses do not require "live" participation for benefit to the customer, refunds are not given in the case of your circumstances changing.

If you are removed from a course for negative behaviors online in the group or elsewhere, such as hate speech, aggression, threats or inappropriate contact with other group members or the instructor, refunds will be issued at Dr. V's discretion.

In the unlikely event that Dr. V. cancels a course, all students will be given a full refund or credit to other courses/services if desired.

These terms are binding and by clicking purchase, you agree to the terms and agree to abide by these policies.